A True Story

This book is AHONU’s true story about the loss of his first child, his pain and his struggle with grief and guilt and the coming to terms with his loss. It forms the foundation of his entire philosophy of life and is a superb grounding in the growth of spiritual awareness. It is truly an epic voyage from the pain and sorrow of a father’s grief to the new world of love and forgiveness.


Kevin O'Grady (Known as AHONU)

AHONU is an author, publisher, artist, speaker, consciousness researcher, minister and podcaster.

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Publisher: World of Empowerment

Paperback: 136 pages each, English, Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches, Weight: 1.6 lbs


To Ryan Columbus O'Grady

At birth Ryan gave me my first miracle, at 4 months he became the greatest teacher who ever lived.

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A True Story

And an entire philosophy!

This is a true story about loss, pain and guilt. It is a superb unfolding of spiritual awareness.


3 Books, 22 Chapters each

Chapters like The Morgue, The Coffin and Loop of Loss bring the depth of despair into sharp focus.